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The Year of the Pig : A Time of Fortune and Luck, with Caveats

Feb 01, 2019 12:46AM ● By The Tao Time Guide

Beginning February 5, we enter the Chinese Zodiac Yin Earth Pig domain. We can expect mixed energies requiring attention to avoid loss and to create new abundance. Being intuitively in tune with the time, playfulness and festivities follows cleaning and clearing our matrix. Do not gamble.

This time begins with a shakeout, of separating the wheat from the chaff. We may lose friends, work relations and other connections. We are advised to cut our losses, both emotionally and materially. The shakeout is best accomplished early, adjusting to a thinner, clearer time that will be better for us in the long run.

Yin Earth Pig ends the 12-year zodiac elemental cycle. A lot has been collected in the past 11 years. This time is to lighten the load, to be ready to enter the next zodiac elemental cycle. It begins with the shakeout, followed by strategic intuitive planning and banking resources. Break old promises that no longer serve us, make new promises that reflect the time we are in now. Pig influence is refining, cleaning up, correcting and setting matters straight. The most fortuitous actions are well planned, curbing the happenstance of gambling on hopes and fears. After all, only after this work is done, can one enjoy a festive, playful time Pig promises before 2020 begins a new 12-year cycle flavored by the element metal.

More reasonable and more robust than its peers, the Yin Earth Pig doesn’t count time or energy when it comes to feeding and protecting its interests. The shakeout and new plan assure all covered by following Pig are taken care of, neither overstuffed nor running on empty. We give all that is required without concern.

On all levels, personal, enterprise and relations, well considered actions shall be rewarded much more than risk-taking during Year of the Pig. The caveat is not to be numbed by the feeling of abundance and lightness reigning throughout the year and not to be inattentive managing our pro forma. Breaking our budget, acquiring or investing poorly and allowing assets to deteriorate will result in losses.

Play within boundaries, content in happy and satisfying times. The dominant presence of the Earth element under the Yin polarity has the effect of stabilizing and fixing the joyous and ephemeral yearlong energies specific to the year of the Pig.

With help, Pig can turn misfortune to an advantage. The first action of the shakeout is to rise up to become more naturalistic. Take on a Zen beingness of what is, is, and what ain’t, ain’t. Stop putting meaning on experiences and things.

Second, delightful playfulness will become more of our being. Make preparing a strategic plan fun. By way of a rational approach, examine what to leave in and what to leave out of our sphere of influence. Assess every promise, every commitment, everything and everyone for the mutual contribution that benefits all.

Next is to shine in our new lightness. Yin is internal, Yang is external. The Yin Earth influence anchors Pig to be contemplative and reflective. Happily clean up after the shakeout. Find the authentic modulation of lightness; frame it in charisma. Shine to illuminate, not to exacerbate others’ space with excitability. We should be more enthusiastic about others than about ourselves.

Expand playfulness with curiosity. Now the festivities begin. Aldous Huxley said, “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age.” Live in “beginner’s mind”, where ignorance rules alongside knowledge; one complements the other.

Simplify other people’s lives. This is where the Yin Earth Pig doesn’t count time or energy when it comes to feeding and protecting its interests. Be generous because we can; the shakeout and reordering of the pro forma has taken care of us, now we can benefit others without relinquishing ourselves.

Let others share in our festivities. Become a host, a maven, a master of ceremony. Mingle with friends and foes, rub shoulders with powerful people and engage common people.

Fireproof our bridges. The spark is broken promises not remade in a new light, sarcasm and cynicism as insults and simply bad behavior. Qualify relations to hear our brutal honesty and open up our heart to take their corrections and criticisms. There is nothing to protect.

The Yin Earth Pig is helped by following these guidelines. A strong foundation set by cleaning up our act and becoming light on our feet is humbling. Do the work early and benefit greatly as we attract and share our luck and fortune. Above all, do not gamble on hopes and fears. Enjoy the year of the Yin Earth Pig.

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