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Choosing to Believe: An Interview with Brittany Turpin

May 01, 2019 03:37PM ● By Suzie Agrillo

Brittany Turpin

Brittany Turpin is a healer, a striking beauty and a bright light. Her book, My Life of Miracles: 31 True Stories To Help You Anchor Your Hope and Trust In God, is a book about faith—how to find it, sustain it, share it and build it into your life. The book posits the doctrine that when we are a person of faith, when we embrace it and practice it openly and without fear, unbelievable things can happen for us. While some people prefer to call these events “coincidences” or “luck”, Turpin chooses to call them miracles. These miracles have no ostensible reason to occur, however they happen as an answer to our prayers and as a result of our true belief.

Turpin has lived through some adversity, and yet she exudes an indomitable spirit. Her book is a gift she wrote to help others overcome challenges in their lives. Turpin’s insight and infinite wisdom, which has been born out of her own life’s journey, will help guide readers to a powerful, meaningful, spiritual adventure.

What inspired you to write the book?

My inspiration was more of a prod. I’m not a professional writer and I never aspired to write a book. I believe God asked me to write this book. I knew, as sure as I breathed, that this is what I was supposed to do. A few years went by before I felt ready to start writing. My aversion was to actually reliving the experiences while I was writing the book.

How do you deal with the emotional impact of a book about yourself?

That’s why it took five years; I had a hard time reliving the experiences. Each chapter is short, so I had to leave out some of the emotions I was feeling. The hardest chapter, about my mother, was extremely emotionally difficult. Sometimes I could only write about the funny stuff.

Have you heard from any of your readers?

I have people contacting me daily. I wrote the book so that, while you’re reading it, you stop thinking about my life and start thinking about yours. Readers tell me about how the stories helped them. Most of it is about the importance of forgiveness, and how my book helped them find the road to forgiveness.

Will there be a sequel?

Yes, I’m already working on the second book with more stories. I’m also working on a book about the five things you absolutely must teach your children. The first thing is how to forgive themselves. I think it’s the healthiest thing you can teach your child.

Do you have any unique writing habits?

Being a writer is being on purpose. It’s being disciplined. I insist on smiling the entire time I’m writing, because I know if I don’t, it will resonate through in the writing.

Any advice to your younger self?

Write the book earlier—but I have to believe that the book came out when it was supposed to come out. And to do things that I know I’m supposed to do.

What do you hope your readers take away from your book?

It’s a pathway to forgiveness. Unforgiveness is like having weeds in your garden. It sucks the nutrition out of your vegetables. It sucks the energy out of you, even if you don’t think it is. Not forgiving is actually physically harmful. Also, know that you’re never alone; never doubt that God is with you always. I’d like to thank God for His willingness to allow me to suffer—because in the end, God’s plan always worked out for the good.

Brittany Turpin lives in Tucson with her husband Steve, her daughters Sabina and Lauren and her sons Chandler and Blake. Connect at

Suzie Agrillo is a freelance writer in Tucson, and a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Magazine. She focuses on writing about the arts, inspirational people and the human connection. Connect at [email protected].

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