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Natural Awakenings Tucson

May 2019 Letter From Publishers

Our May issue arrives with spring in the air and “Her Soul in Bloom: Self-Care for All Stages of Life”, Marlaina Donato’s blissful feature on the importance of me-time. Our Women’s Health issue also includes some Tucson practitioners sharing their own modalities for self-care. Add just a little time for yourself to the calendar—your mental and physical health will be glad you did.

This female-empowering edition also spotlights a timely and critical development in “Toxic Legacy: Breast Implant Warriors Unite”. Writer Linda Sechrist demonstrates the power of many voices when they speak as one to demand answers and federal action. With record numbers of women and teenagers—400,000 each year—undergoing implant surgery, the health risks are becoming too well documented to ignore.

Both women and men will be encouraged by Randy Kambic’s interview with Peter Sagal, “On Running Toward Mindfulness”. The popular National Public Radio host talks about healing a wounded psyche by unplugging and embracing the natural world—and you don’t have to run a marathon to do it. 

We’ve been talking (along with nearly everyone these days, it seems) about marijuana for a while now. You’ve heard the buzzwords, the claims, maybe you’ve tried it yourself—but how does it actually work to go about getting a Medical Marijuana card in Arizona? Check out our community spotlight on Natural Healing Care Center, who works tirelessly to educate, guide and assist Tucsonans seeking relief from pain through medical cannabis.

But the benefits of cannabis aren’t only for humans. This month, we include a much-needed primer on CBD oils for pet owners; they can help our animal friends in big ways.

Let’s not forget all the mothers in our lives this Mother’s Day. No matter what our own experiences with mothers have been, Christiane Northrup has a beautiful sentiment to share in “The Mother Our Souls Need”—perhaps we were all given the mother we needed.

This one’s for the ladies.