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C3 Studio – Serving the Awakening Spirit

May 01, 2019 03:58PM

Allen Smith

Consciousness and sound healing veteran Allen Smith is infusing fresh inspiration into a new business called Cosmic Café Creations (C3). Over 30 years of research reveals new perspectives, bursting old paradigms of belief. C3 Studio provides services and products that assist us to go beyond personal stories, world views and limiting misconceptions about the very nature of reality and our role within it. C3 Studio works to open the mind to the source of our own being.

Smith taps into heartfelt and master level skills to offer: advanced spiritual guidance - extensive dreamtime knowledge; didgeridoo source sound healing - many ancient and modern shaman tools; brain entrainment - ambisonic audio programs, custom guided meditations; near death keynote; new views of reality conversations; leading-edge science and philosophy - bridging the heart and mind seminar; and music concerts, including group sound healing sessions.

Seven years ago, Smith uncovered a surprising new clarity within the awakening mind. It enabled him to experience a massively astounding, near death-like consciousness journey. In it, he experienced the “one mind” state of awareness as pure source presence, beyond all story of manifestation. He returned with knowledge to share from the other side and with opened channels of connection.

For more information, call 520-369-7396 or email [email protected]. See ad, page 4. 

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