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Natural Awakenings Tucson

June 2019 Letter From Publishers

As we enter the dog days of summer, when fathers are remembered and kids are afoot, we focus on health and fitness for him and well-being for the whole family. This issue includes plenty of content focused on the men in all our lives, whether you’re reading this or know someone—a father, husband, partner, friend or brother—who would benefit from some updated health, wellness, skin care or mental regimens.

Writer Melanie Laporte offers an insightful path to wellness in “Nature’s Toolbox: The Key to Prostate Health”, an up-to-date report on the latest approaches
to treating and preventing some major problems associated with this tiny yet highly important gland.

Marlaina Donato also offers a masculine perspective on water aerobics, a fitness regimen that was once the domain of women. “Just Add Water: Aquatic Workouts for Him” details how more men are moving to the shallow end of the pool to sculpt their bodies and tend to injured knees, stiff joints and high blood pressure with low-impact therapy.

Of course, cerebral health knows no gender and Melinda Hemmelgarn’s “Brain-Savers: Smart Strategies to Keep Dementia at Bay” is a must-read for anyone concerned with preventing and treating cognitive decline and memory loss. More than a third of global dementia cases are preventable, so adopting diet and lifestyle risk reduction measures is a “no-brainer”.

One way to feed the brain is with the unique nutrients found in mushrooms. Discover the magic in these healthy (and delicious) fungi with writer April Thompson’s “Medicinal Mushrooms: Beyond Buttons and Portabellas.” Also in our Plant Medicine section, learn about strains of medical cannabis that are proving helpful for mental health, helping with focus and positivity, plus a primer on edibles.