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The Real Power of Sound Healing

Jun 05, 2019 12:06PM ● By Allen Smith

It’s a sobering fact that stress is the number one cause of illness and disease. According to Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., stress is the root cause for almost 90 percent of doctor visits. Thus, any healing modality that reduces stress is a major benefit. In recent scientific studies, sound healing therapies are being touted as the most effective at reducing stress. But why is sound healing so effective? The little-known answer is: water.

Thanks to quantum biology, epigenetic science and a rebirth of water research, there’s been an explosion of new insight into the roles that water plays in biology. Our body is made up of over 99 percent water molecules that can store vast amounts of energy. Due to water’s quantum states, it can also store information in memory. Water is integral to the immense communication system of the body.

So, what then is the relevance of sound healing to the water in our body? Everything. That’s because water is sensitive and reacts to literally all kinds of energy vibration and information. Sound healing vibrations promote wellness through the message carrier of water—the real power behind sound therapy.

Studies in quantum water structuring have revealed that water’s “blueprint-like” memory of a chemical alone can emulate the chemical itself and elicit the same biologic response. Thus, water memory may hold the future of medicine. Water is positively structured by sound healing vibrations and the body responds to the changed water within.

There are many examples of ways that sound healing reduces stress. Sound waves can synchronize the brain into coherent and stress-free activity. In this state, we feel more connected to the intelligence of life itself. Bio-friendly sound energy soothes our parasympathetic system by impacting our senses and vibrating our body’s water; it creates momentary vortices in the water as sacred mandalas holding patterns of information within. In addition, sound and light can electrically charge intercellular water called 4th phase or EZ Water; this water is like lymph fluid that has an activated, life supportive code.

During a sound healing session, one may use modern and ancient tools long recognized for their power to shift one’s state of being. At a minimum, results for the client are profound stress reduction, but often, much more. Emotional release, deep surrender, clarity, lifted awareness and even mystical events do occur. The body is infused with energy and new information that creates shifts and aligns one holistically.

Allen Smith, owner of C3 Studio, is a didgeridoo master and sound healing veteran who has spent 18 years immersed in the leading-edge study of quantum water structuring. Connect at 520-369-7396 or [email protected].

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