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Natural Awakenings Tucson

July 2019 Letter From Publishers

Agriculture takes center stage this month with fresh perspectives on where and how we produce our food these days—and why it matters.

In “Crops in the City: Urban Agriculture Breaks New Ground”, writer April Thompson profiles some of the noteworthy pioneers that are forging a path to organic city farming on a commercial scale—tapping into new technologies and markets, and turning challenges like dealing with space constraints into innovative opportunities. Learn how these enterprising entrepreneurs have found their niche on rooftops, in vertical tower gardens and abandoned warehouses in former food deserts, reconnecting urbanites to their food sources while bettering the environment, communities, diets and health.

Meantime, budding backyard growers can get a boost from a small army of experts planted in nearly every county in the nation, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “Help for Home Gardeners: Extension Agents at Your Service” details the resources available, including low- or no-cost soil testing, the latest research, handbooks on a variety of local gardening topics and workshops on everything from making rain barrels and creating rain gardens to implementing eco-friendly pest control, cultivating native plants and employing best practices for organic gardening.

July is an ideal time to add a healthy dose of fresh, organic herbs to a home garden for cool salads, luscious smoothies and other hot-weather eats and treats. Herbs are not only a flavorful addition to any meal, they’re also chock-full of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure and improving mineral balance to increasing immune support, hydration, energy and healthy skin. Discover the best ones to choose for this time of year in “Summer Eating: The Herbal Connection”.

Speaking of herbs, in our Plant Medicine section, we’re getting an education in CBD. Plus, we focus on the many benefits and uses of hemp. As always, there is so much we are still learning about our natural medicine options, and we’re excited to be sharing that journey together.

Happy Harvest!