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Time for Something Different with Alexcis Lopez

Alexcis Lopez

Alexcis Lopez, Amazon best-selling author of From Anxious to Awesome and founder/owner of A Transformative Touch Wellness Center since 2006, does things a little bit differently. As an ordained minister with a master’s in Metaphysics, multiple certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP life coaching, Shame Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, bodywork, energy therapies and many years’ experience in shamanic practices, Lopez has a lot of diverse knowledge to pull from.

Lopez’s own healing journey was a meandering path. Along the way she realized that to effect true, lasting healing we must engage all of ourselves—the conscious, unconscious and heart minds. Unable to find a modality that addressed all three, she created her own practice that doesn’t fit the usual therapeutic molds but pulls from many of them. The backbone of her healing model is an overarching philosophy called The Art of Being Self Centered.

Being self-centered is not to be confused with being selfish. Being self-centered is a practice of five principles: awareness, responsibility, respect, imperfection and unconditional living. Using these five principles and associated tools, she created a therapy called Regressive Emotional Shame Eliminating Trance Therapy (RESET). Using RESET, Lopez helps her clients gain emotional-mental clarity and insightful self-awareness, create healthy boundaries, improve relationships, break negative patterns, heal past trauma, reclaim self-worth and expand consciousness.

Lopez works with people in several ways: she offers private sessions using RESET both in person and remotely, leads Ayahuasca retreats to Rocky Point, Mexico, offers cacao and kava ceremonies, journey and meditation circles and Being Self Centered workshops. 

For more information and to schedule a session, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 19.