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The Sound Healing Experience: What’s It Like?

Jul 31, 2019 12:20PM ● By Norma Sue Hamburger

Sound healing stress reduction takes many forms. Let’s look into one modality offered at the new C3 Studio venture by veteran sound healer, didgeridoo master and transformative sound designer Allen Smith.

Entering the studio, we will notice the surrounding large crystals. Besides crystal energy, we will also be bathed in a specially generated bio-friendly Earth pulse wave that enhances relaxation. Allen explains the pending process and soon enough, we’re lying face up on a comfortable lounge. Session times vary from 1.5 to 3 hours based on intuitive flow.
A small bell tolls, drawing our attention to our intentions for the healing. Allen starts with a gentle process of lowering the brain wave states into deep relaxation. Many sound tools will be used: drums, didgeridoos, Tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, flutes, shakers, chimes and more. 

The C3 Studio audio lab is also there to create meditation and brain entrainment audio from synthesizers in the form of soft, supportive pads of sound. Beat frequencies, hemi-sync patterns, arpeggios and ambisonic sounds all further the goal of relaxing our biology and brain states into the realm of subconscious or quantum awareness. Once there, we will begin releasing limiting beliefs and writing new supportive ones.

Intuitively, Allen selects each energy portal scene. The shaman’s drum beat slows, while taking our heart rate along for the ride. The heart center resonates to the soft strike of a Tibetan bowl resting there and it takes us “home”. A droning digeridoo gently sways left and right while coaxing the brain into synchronicity. Sonic vibrations find and align our chakras one by one.

The stimulation releases tension and stress, creating excitement and relaxation all at once. Allen’s mastery of sound subtleties creates catalytic moments that suddenly shift our awareness even deeper and the mind becomes quiet. We may experience expansions of awareness, visions or recall important memories. Or, we may simply fall into a soothing void. How much opening can we allow? It is up to us to do the healing; Allen only sets the mood.

Likely, we will have little sense of time passage. While in deep states, guided voice meditation messages may be given to the subconscious and body—some of our own choosing. Our quantum biology hears them and relaxes as our old patterns begin to release. With just one really big breath out, we can let go. Hang out there for a while. Upon return, ride shimmering sonic light waves back to daily awareness.

Allen Smith, of C3 Studio, is offering 30 percent off a first visit, and 20 percent off a three-session set until November 1, 2019. Connect at 520-369-7396 or [email protected].

Norma Sue Hamburger is an English and ESL tutor, editor and proofreader at Word Woman. She resides in Tucson. 

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