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New Cream is a Paradigm Shift in Pain Relief

Those who suffer chronic pain know that there are thousands of products that claim to provide relief, and more enter the marketplace every day as CBD oil enters the fray. Yet very few of these are found to alleviate pain when they are analyzed in a controlled study.

Kalyn Wolf, who operates Tucson’s Cloud Nine Flotation Center, began to dream of a cream that would combine every natural ingredient known to counter pain. “So many substances lose their potency through our digestive system,” Wolf explains, adding that with a cream, relief could be achieved directly into the skin.

Her dreams drove her to research ingredients, and to interview hundreds of sufferers. Once she had a formula, Wolf had to find organic sources so as to maintain product purity. Then she assembled the sterile equipment necessary to blend the ingredients into a cream.

Magnesium, CBD, shea butter, honey, emu oil and arnica are the main components of Wolf’s dream cream—and their initials spell McShea. She sought a group of individuals who experience chronic pain due to differing problems who would be willing to try the new cream and report results in survey form throughout several days’ use.

Wolf reports that 99 percent of participants experienced relief with McShea Dream Cream. She got the same results with the next test group, and the next. Today, McShea Dream Cream stands alone in the marketplace: proven capabilities, simple transdermal application and organic ingredients. As Wolf sums it up, “McShea Dream Cream soothes the pain.”

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