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Transformational Coaching is for Everyone

Martin Klabunde

Martin Klabunde, a certified professional coach with more than 20 years of experience, offers individual and couples Transformational Coaching and Energy Leadership Coaching. Transformational coaching is based on a philosophy that embodies the whole being of the client. It rests on the idea that we have all the answers we are looking for within us and when we tap into that vast pool of inner wisdom, we develop an inner knowing that guides us on our journey. 

Transformational Coaching facilitates an internal energetic process that supports the client in developing greater self-awareness and overcoming inner and outer blocks by examining their values, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and actions.

“Are you truly happy? Do you feel like you’re living your purpose? Are you operating at the highest level of consciousness you could be? Are your outcomes what you expected? We have so many opportunities to grow, yet most of us simply are not aware of them. We find ourselves going through the motions of life and allowing the past to dictate our future,” says Klabunde.

Klabunde’s coaching is strategic and intuitive, allowing his clients to reflect deeply, access their inner wisdom, rewire their thinking and make decisions that are solution-focused and in alignment with their values. Klabunde provides a clear space for his clients to grow, change and transform into the best version of themselves and create a meaningful, productive and fulfilling life.

For more information, call 520-245-4547 or visit See ad, page 4.

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