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Chiropractic Adjustments Compliment Energy Work

Sep 30, 2019 07:57PM
When we think of good health, we might think of eating right and good exercise. However, while it’s important to get the heart rate up, we often forget regular stretching and manipulations to keep the spine flexible. These components are essential for longevity.

Many may be skeptical about chiropractic work or even have been hurt by the manipulations. Stretching with the manipulations makes all the difference. The immediate benefit is increased oxygen to the cells, muscles, bones and organs of the body. This work can rejuvenate atrophied tissues and muscles that may not be getting proper blood flow to perform optimally.

Dr. Eric Vindiola, owner of That’s the Spot Chiropractic in Tucson, has been making a remarkable difference in the movement of many people’s bodies. With a gentle, attentive and thorough manner, Vindiola works with adults, children and the elderly.

When getting chiropractic from Vindiola, one lays on a table with six or seven other tables in the room, and he comes around to each table, giving each client personal and present attention to their needs. He intuitively senses very subtle things going on with the body, and offers suggestions for various stretches which could be helpful long-term. He will go as slow and gentle as need be and will not do more than the body can handle.

A great chiropractor’s goal is to help free patients from pain, not make it worse. Integrating chiropractic work with energy healing can increase clients’ results considerably.

Dr. Eric Vindiola, D.C. owns and operates That's The Spot Chiropractic. Connect at 520-639-6080 or
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