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The Power of Grief

It is very important in times of loss that we allow our emotions to flow. Instead, many people stay very busy because they are frightened of the intensity of their grief. They believe if they allow the pain to surface, it will overwhelm them. Friends of the survivor will comment on how well they are doing and how brave they are when they don’t see their loved one crying. But are they really doing well? Emotions not expressed will make a person sick sooner or later.

It is common in doctors’ offices to see patients where back pain, migraines or other symptoms start around the same time. Often when multiple health issues start together invariably, there will have been a major loss prior to the onset of the symptoms, such as a job, parent, spouse, child or a serious illness of a family member.

When we feel our grief, we do not build up tension that can later make us sick. Additionally, we can have more compassion and empathy for others and we can serve as a role model that it is courageous and okay to grieve.

Often when there has been a lifetime of holding our emotions inside, at some point the dam will break, and the feelings can be somewhat overwhelming—because instead of grieving just that event, the grief of other unresolved events will surface. If our body and spine have a lot of built up tension and pain, this will make the grieving process even more overwhelming.

Regular chiropractic care keeps us flexible and at ease, so when loss hits, it doesn’t break us. Grief can be exhausting, so it is important to take extra good care of ourselves during this time. In addition to chiropractic care, meditation, yoga, support groups, journaling and counseling can be very helpful.
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