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Practitioner Profile: Quynn Red Mountain

Quynn Red Mountain is the Animist Minister of Web of Life Animists. A branch of her ministry is to offer Soul Support for those who are students and patients of plant teachers, are considering being so, or need healing help and are searching for answers.

Red Mountain has received potent and meaningful messages from visionary plants. Healings and teachings from plants have directly guided her evolution as a Spirit Bridge Practitioner. An experience with cancer in 2014 brought her into the Medical Cannabis program in Arizona.

While in her early 20s, Red Mountain experienced a plant teacher for the first time and received a clear message about the role of plant medicine in her life, and for Web of Life. A voice in her head said, “The purpose of plant teachers is to part the veil between worlds to show you where you can go and what is possible, but you have to be able to get there on your own.”
A few years after this message was received, Red Mountain had a “calling” experience that began to teach her the ways of her Inner World. Due to the earlier teaching about “getting there on your own”, she cultivated a practice of traveling her inner landscapes to the sound of consistent drumbeats as her main source of revelation. Over the last 20 years, she has held space for thousands of seekers and healers in sessions and circles, using the powers of drumbeats and intention to tend their healing and intuition development.

There are many similarities between visionary plant use and “journeying” to a drum for teachings, so a session, circle or ceremony with Red Mountain can help clients: decipher plant, body and soul messages; connect with ailing soul parts and ancestors; listen to the spirits of our sickness and wellness; explore the wisdom of our Inner World; and receive teachings, healings and clearings from guiding allies.

Explore the roots of pain, sickness, trauma and ancestral troubles that can often cause a person to seek out healing plant medicine experiences. Feel what is ready to be healed and expand into the beauty of being a part of the sacred web of life.

Quynn Red Mountain offers services for people who feel connected to the Earth and are healing their lineages, with or without assistance from the Plant Elders. Connect with Quynn at See ad, page 36.