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Journey to Healing

Journey to Healing
For People and Animals

Linda Johns’ original passions guided her into nutrition and shamanic practices, and she became a certified practitioner in the healing arts like breath work, Universal Hands of Light, reiki, Intuitive Emotional Freedom Technique and PSYCH-K, plus Quantum Coaching and Arcturian healing. At Journey to Healing, founded in 1996, Johns blends her intuitive abilities, compassion and many healing modalities, depending on the client’s intention and goal, to create a unique and individualized spirit guided session. She discovered that by empowering the person and giving them takeaway tools, many clients’ concerns are resolved in one session.
Johns has always had a deep connection with animals and nature, which made it natural for her clients to ask questions about their animal family. Now with 20-plus years of experience, she is an internationally renowned animal communicator and medical intuitive. Johns uses her telepathic and intuitive skills to bridge mind to mind with the animal regardless of distance, to bring clarity into all levels of concerns. She reads for the individual pet owner, trainers and veterinarians and has many Olympic and Grand Prix clients.
Johns loves to teach, share and empower, and offers classes in raising your vibration to 5-D, awakening and developing intuition, animal communication and healing arts for people and animals. Her classes are available locally in person, as well as worldwide through teleconferences calls and Zoom.
Listen to Journey to Healing on News for the Soul Broadcast on the first Thursday of the month at 2 p.m. Pacific.

Journey to Healing: For People and Animals

Journey to Healing was founded in Tucson in 1996 by Linda Johns, an animal communicator and healing practitioner whose original passions gui... Read More » 

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