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Lynda Witt, CCT

Lynda Witt

Lynda Witt, CCT
Proactive Health Solutions, LLC
3861 N. 1st Ave., Tucson
[email protected]

Operating for over 15 years, Proactive Health Solutions, LLC has scanned over 3,000 clients using thermography and seen many health conditions reverse with lifestyle changes once the client was informed of a change in their inflammation. “It is truly the most rewarding aspect of our profession—helping someone improve their health status via reduction in inflammation to aid in reducing their risk of a future illness,” says Lynda Witt, Certified Clinical Thermographer.
They offer breast imaging, regions of interest, upper body and full-body imaging. “It used to be that the vast majority of our clients were women seeking breast thermography. However, in the past four years, our clientele has changed and now we see 70 percent women and 30 percent men,” says Witt. “Also, the type of imaging has changed from mostly breast scans to 50 percent full body and 50 percent breast thermograms.”
Using thermography to image the upper body benefits subjects in that once a stable baseline of temperatures has been established (initial study), comparative imaging can happen annually.  These images contain all the subject’s skin surface temperatures and on an annual basis, individuals can return to have the same regions imaged.
“As it is now established, inflammation is the precursor to many chronic diseases, and thermography is an empowering tool for those who are looking to work with their healthcare practitioner to monitor their health trends year after year,” says Witt. Proactive Health Solutions now has three fully trained thermographers on staff to keep up with increased demand.

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