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Bill White

Bill White

Bill White
Healthy Couples
4834 E. 1st St., Tucson
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Growing up with physical and verbal abuse, as well as emotional neglect, led Bill White to vow to be there for others who need help like he did. “In our family, we were unable to communicate or connect in healthy ways, and we needed help that we didn’t get. I have become the kind of person my family and I would have needed back then to correct our course and establish a happy family,” says White. “My life’s purpose and passion is assisting individuals and families with their personal lives and their relationships.”
White’s specialty is assisting couples in resolving issues related to anger, conflict, broken trust and emotional distancing. He specifically helps people see how their past (particularly childhood) has played a dominant, but unseen influence in the difficult circumstances they’re inadvertently creating, and the difficult emotions they’re experiencing.
In addition, he says, “I love working with families—including families with adult children. Unfortunately, it seems not too many people are keen on restoring their family relationships using a skilled third-party. It is my vision that getting skilled assistance to restore happiness in families becomes the norm in our society.”
For 45 years, White has been looking for ways to “find inner wellness and happiness with myself and in my relationships.” He has a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, two years of mediation training and hundreds of programs and modalities he has learned or participated in.
“I had a spiritual awakening at age 27 which dramatically altered my life. I am tuned in to Spirit’s guidance. I have a gift of intuition, as well as a gift of energy healing,” explains White. Along with all the relationship and life coaching services he provides, White also promotes physical, emotional and mental wellness through nutrition, hydration, detoxing and pain relief.

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