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Dr. DeeAnn Saber

DeeAnn G. Saber

Dr. DeeAnn Saber
Transformational Medicine
3861 N. First Ave., Tucson
[email protected]

DeeAnn Saber got her start in natural health care after traveling and working throughout Russia as a tour guide, seeing and experiencing many forms of alternative medicine. “I loved that doctors prescribed a month at the beach with healthy foods, water therapies, massage, acupuncture and many herbal therapies,” she enthuses. “I wanted to offer these in America, as they made more sense to me than drugs and surgery.”
Together in business with her husband Zach, DeeAnn says their vision at Transformational Medicine has always been two-fold. “First: the patient comes first. Here, they are seen and heard and treated as a whole person. Second: we work as teams to provide integrative assistance. This means we work with our associates as well as with each other, to assist our patients in having the optimal health they want,” explains DeeAnn. “Zach and I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in varied treatment modalities so we are able to refer to those with better options or we can offer the right combo of therapies and modalities that truly help people heal, right here at WellnessFirst.”
DeeAnn enjoys working with menopausal women and men balancing hormones, improving sex drive, clearing up fatigue and brain fog. She specializes in endocrinology (thyroid, adrenals, hormones) and gut health and is happy to work with families as well, particularly clearing up food allergies, gut and mood disorders. Zach specializes in deep tissue work generically called myofascial release, and he is board certified in mental health, specializing in working with depression and grief. Between his talk and touch therapies, he works toward alleviating pain, improving mobility and increasing energy. He also works with nutrition, assisting people in learning how to eat better and become healthier and happier.
As self-employed Tucsonans, Transformational Medicine focuses on supporting local businesses and farmers. “We support Local First. We walk our talk: we grow organic food, use solar at the office and at home, recycle rain water and donate back to our community,” says DeeAnn. “We recognize that Tucson is our community and strive to support our community as much as possible.”

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