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Jean Read, PT

Jean Read

Jean Read, PT
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Physical Therapist Jean Read was inspired to start her business because practicing physical therapy in an outpatient clinic became limiting. She saw that there was so much more to healing than just treating someone’s shoulder or knee pain. “Over 30 years, I developed many skills that other therapists don’t pursue. As my list of skills grew, I felt that I needed to have a place where I can apply a vast amount of knowledge to a treatment program according to what the individual needs are,” says Read.
After becoming a physical therapist and going to massage therapy school, Read’s curiosity took her to classes to learn lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation, Usui and Karuna Reiki, Angelic healing, craniosacral therapy and most recently, functional nutrition and certification with Dr. Wahls Protocol. “Working privately allows me to incorporate traditional physical therapy, add visceral or cranial work, instruct in breath work, utilize energy techniques, massage with hot stones and/or provide nutritional coaching,” she says.
Read offers traditional physical therapy, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation, hot stone myofascial work, Total Motion Release, deep dry needling and more. “Clients see me most often for craniosacral work to calm their nervous system or enhance brain function, reduce migraines or improve their TMJ. I also provide nutrition and lifestyle coaching for clients looking to improve their overall wellness and health,” says Read.
“I believe that the body has an amazing capacity to heal, repair and restore itself when given the best sleep, air quality, nutrition, movement and a great outlook, accompanied by a great desire to heal and move forward in life,” enthuses Read. “I care deeply for my clients, but allow them their own freedom to choose the pace at which we work together. I am here to coach and support them through their journey.”

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