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Lance J. Morris, NMD

Lance J. Morris

Lance J. Morris, NMD
Wholistic Family Medicine
2310 N. Wyatt Dr., Tucson
[email protected]

When he was growing up, Dr. Lance J. Morris, now a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, had chronic asthma, bronchitis and recurring respiratory infections. His parents took him to the best doctors available, but after years of drugs and hospitalizations, he was getting worse. “In high school when I experimented with a vegan diet, my chronic respiratory problems went away. Could my diet have anything to do with my medical problems? My doctors and parents assured me that this was a mere coincidence and I had probably ‘outgrown’ my asthma,” says Morris. “With dietary experimentation, I discovered I could turn my asthma on and off. This life experience was the catalyst that eventually led me to a career in Naturopathic Medicine.”
Morris graduated from Bastyr University in 1985 and started clinical practice in Tucson. He has always been a full-service family medicine clinic. Over the years, Morris has developed a reputation for treating chronic and degenerative illness, including multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and cancer.
“My practice is very eclectic, including clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, structural, bio-energetic, acupuncture, platelet rich plasma (PRP), exozomes and metabolic IV therapies—including chelation, ozone, essential oils and more,” explains Morris. “My patients are young and old. They come for a better quality of life and health.”
Wholistic Family Medicine is always developing, adding and integrating the most innovative and promising medical therapies from around the world. Their bio-energetic therapy, resonant sound therapy (RST), was developed by Morris and is world-class and life-changing.

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