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Brian Cabin M.D., M.D. (H)

Jan 06, 2020 12:41PM

Brian Cabin

Brian Cabin M.D., M.D. (H)
Gentle, Loving Medical Care
772 N. Country Club Rd., Tucson
[email protected]

Hailing from a family of physicians in Chicago, Dr. Brian Cabin was influenced by his mother and aunt, who were interested in Edgar Cayce and natural medicine, and by his best friend in medical school who introduced him to meditation, a vegetarian diet and homeopathy.
“After extensive medical training at top medical institutions and hospitals, I practiced in a multi-specialty clinic. I soon realized that pharmaceutical based medicine was often not helpful and replete with side effects. So, I took more training in preventive medicine and family medicine, completed the coursework for a master’s degree in Public Health, and studied and mentored with many of the top physicians in natural medicine, including Robert Fulford, D.O.; Ted Randolph; Herbert Benson, M.D. at Harvard; and Andrew Weil,” explains Cabin.
Cabin has “a big toolbox of natural modalities”, including: prolozone pain therapy, nutritional medicine, homeopathy, craniosacral medicine, IV therapies, EEG neurofeedback, functional medicine and anti-aging. He takes on difficult and challenging diagnostics, and formulates and makes his own nutritional supplements.
Cabin received the degree of M.D.(H), Medical Doctor of Homeopathy, and is board certified. He was the section chief of Homeopathy and Clinical Lecturer of Medicine at the University of Arizona Department of Integrative Medicine for several years.
“I love to learn and grow. I love practicing medicine and helping people,” he says. “I am a physician who takes the time to make a difference.”

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