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Fibroblast Therapy Turns Back Skin's Clock

Fibroblast therapy, a non-laser, non-surgical approach to skin tightening and skin re-surfacing, is the newest way to tighten skin anywhere on the face or body. Since it is not surgery, there is no cutting, no stitches, nothing to be allergic to and very little down time. It provides subtle results that people will notice.
This unique treatment is done with a handheld tool called a plasma arc. The arc is produced when an electrical current coming through a machine and oxygen are placed very close to the skin. It has been described as “like a tiny bolt of lightning”. The arc touches the skin, causing it to slightly, temporarily dehydrate, which in turn causes the skin to contract and tighten. Within a few days, the skin will rehydrate and stimulate collagen production. This production means younger, tighter looking skin—rewinding the “aging clock”.
Europe and Asia have been using this technology for quite some years, but it has recently hit the U.S. For skin that is slackening, resulting in droopy eyes, jowls, turkey neck, wrinkled cheeks, crow’s feet, lip lines or forehead creases, this may be the answer. The treatment is also good for helping eradicate stretch marks, scars, loose belly skin and even saggy, baggy arms.
Men and women alike can benefit from fibroblast therapy, with local clients ranging from their early forties into their seventies. Loose skin around the eyes, mouth, jowls, cheeks and neck can be toned and tightened without surgery, injections and a lot of downtime. People of any age that are bothered by their stretch marks, acne scars or saggy skin on their bellies or underarms are all candidates for this state-of-the-art treatment.

Debbie Shaw is owner of Alternatives in Health Care Detox Therapy Spa, the first spot in Tucson to offer fibroblast therapy. She is offering a free consultation, trial and aftercare kit to the first 10 people that mention this article and book an appointment ($50 value). Connect at 520-275-4510 or See ad, page 27.

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