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Nature Basics: Recordkeeping for New Cannabis Patients

In this fast paced world, there are countless pieces of information that must be organized and recorded. Some people have the ability to remember passwords, birthdays, anniversaries and schedules without writing them down or recording them somewhere. Others have a difficult time remembering where the car keys are or what they had for dinner the night before. Keeping track of vital information, organizing it and storing it somewhere is becoming a necessity.
Many people have a file cabinet at home, and even more businesses have them scattered around the office and behind desks. Having valuable information safe and organized can make daily life easier. There are some people who are better than others when it comes to organizing and recording information. There are circumstances and situations that warrant some form of running record. Balancing finances, savings accounts, checkbooks, staying on top of a medication regimen, doctor’s visits, immunizations, pantry and refrigerator inventory, work and school schedules and jotting down certain foods and calories when dieting are just a few everyday tasks that people do without really thinking too much about it. There are some activities that are much more important than others, and when it comes to healthy living and natural medicines, it is vital and necessary.
It may seem easy to manage health when a daily or weekly pillbox can be filled and stored for medications. The dosage, when and how to take medicine is actually not that difficult when it’s all spelled out on the prescription. With the major shift toward natural medicine that’s taking place, where the FDC does not regulate dose and use, it can make being an advocate for one’s own health difficult, or at least a lot of work.
With thousands of herbs, spices and other natural supplements on the market, the first hurdle to overcome is to decide what is best for the individual and what specific conditions are to be treated. There will of course be the same trial and error process that physicians sometimes need to go through to find the most therapeutic levels. Every person’s body is different and reactions to medicines and supplements may not yield the same results for everyone. The period of time needed to uncover the right medicine, the correct dosage and to determine how well it will work, is a task that must be a priority when someone decides to become their own medicine advocate.
News about medicinal cannabis can be found almost everywhere these days. The change from prescription drugs to marijuana is paramount yet effective after hours of reading, researching and trial and error. There is a lot of information that’s needed in order to find the most effective components of the cannabis plant. In the beginning, it may be difficult to find exactly what works best. Marijuana dispensaries often include data sheets for tracking and recording information in new patient packets. The process of sifting through so many different products, strains, dosing, delivery methods and cost must be maintained.
There are hundreds of different marijuana strains to choose from. Many strains offer the same medicinal values for specific illness or disease. Begin by recording which strain is being consumed. Keep in mind that tracking the levels of CBD and THC in the medicine can also aid when determining the therapeutic value. Even though different strains may help one symptom, it does not mean that they will all be as effective for the individual. Record which strain is being used for what symptom. When is the medicine being taken? How much is being taken? How is it being consumed? How long does it take to start feeling relief? How much does the product cost? These are all questions that need to be answered and tracked.
It may take experimenting with several different strains to find the one that works best. Don’t assume that all strains are equal, or be discouraged when one doesn’t work well. Notate the results and try another strain. Develop a scale to determine the effectiveness, where 1 may mean that the product has little result, and a 7 can indicate that the medicine works well but could be a little better. This will help in the future because knowing what works and what doesn’t will assist in making decisions about what to use in the future, and after trying numerous products it may be difficult to remember unless recorded.
Unless tracking and recording individual results is done, it will be like trying to decide which of 100 paths to take in a forest in order to get to the destination that is expected. By simply keeping track of as many details as possible about each product, dose and efficacy, it can make the transitional process that much easier. As time consuming and daunting as it may be, some people will decide to bypass natural medicine and just stay the course while trying to manage their own healthcare. Recordkeeping should not intimidate the new patient. There are many people who are highly trained and willing to help in the process. At Earth’s Healing, the educational materials, the product breakdowns and the guidance which is offered can make a very difficult process that much easier.

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