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Basics of Detoxification

We can begin to detox our system of toxins by simply starting to eat real food. We must stop eating processed food with the added sugars and seed oils that have driven our pandemics of obesity and diabetes. Once we start eating naturally, we begin to eliminate toxins naturally.
Autophagy, or restricting eating for windows of time, allows the body to repair and recycle waste or other debris that have built up over time and over that day. Variations of fasting have a big detoxification effect. Gone are the days of having five or six meals or snacks a day. This was the remedy for hypoglycemia and other blood sugar imbalances.
Detox programs specific for cleansing bowel, liver, kidney and other organs are available to purchase online. Some favorites are, and Enemas and colonics are crucial in detoxification and removing toxins from the body. They accompany the organ detox programs, fasting and eating real food.
Sheila Shea, of Intestinal Health Institute, offers several package options to save clients money on detoxes. Connect at 520-325-9686 or  [email protected].