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Accessing Our Own Ability to Heal

We all have the ability to heal, to channel healing energy to ourselves and others. There are a large number of energetic practices, modalities and energy aids that can assist us in doing so. Certainly study and certification can increase our capacity for healing, but the Universe is one of allowing, where intent will help us to begin to develop our abilities.
Man’s ability to heal goes far back to when there was no field of medicine. Many religions contain references to the gift of healing, to God and other Supreme Beings empowering man to heal others. Medical science is now opening to alternative or complementary practices and scientists and physicians are now acknowledging that energy and frequency can both cause and heal disease and emotional imbalance. They understand the importance of visioning in the healing process, learning that images can change molecular structure.
There are many methods of healing, and essential to all is belief and intent. We all know the wonderfulness of a gentle, loving touch. We can envision white light coming through our crown chakra into our heart, traveling to and through the arms and coming through the palms of our hands—and direct it to ourselves or another. If it is our intent to give healing energy, we will. Modalities such as Reiki, though, do enable one to heal others dramatically.

Judy Ferrig, M.S. is a Reiki Master Teacher at Open Pathways Energy Healing and Animal Communication. Connect at 520-245-4214, [email protected] or See ad, page 19.

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