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Biofield Balance Intuitive Readings Now Available

Danielle Dvorak recently earned a certificate of completion in Biofield Balance Intuitive Reading. This means she is trained to view the electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates the human body, including an in-depth intuitive assessment of the major chakra system and auric field.
The health of the biofield affects our overall well-being and daily energetic balance. Chronic energetic blocks, imbalances, limiting beliefs and energetic connections that inhibit our health, emotional states and mental environment may be “seen” via this modality. This then creates an opportunity to work, on a quantum level, with transforming, releasing and processing what may be blocking a higher degree of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
A reading and assessment from a trained Biofield Intuitive Practitioner offers the following benefits: a scan of the major structures of the human energy system, including the chakras and auric field; intuitive assessments that identify and evaluate unique energetic structures in the major chakras; intuitive scanning and assessments of the aura—the electromagnetic field surrounding the human body; detailed evaluations of the individual aura layers, including color and symbolic imagery; and deep focus on the energetic aspects of the underlying patterns in the biofield that can impact the body, mind and spirit, thus impacting physical health and well-being.
A Biofield Balance Intuitive Reading is not meant to diagnose or define any type of medical treatment, intervention or protocol. It is an assessment only, and not intended to cure, treat or prevent any medical problem or psychological disorder, nor is it intended as a substitute for seeking professional health care advice and services. These readings give solid information to work with and then, if so inclined, the findings may be taken to a medical doctor, counseling professional or to book an energy healing session with Dvorak or another alternative practitioner.
Readings can be done by phone, in person or over an internet platform such as Zoom—and are equally effective regardless of method of connection.

The cost of a Biofield Balance Intuitive Reading is $85. For more information, call or text Danielle at 847-323-9188 or email [email protected].


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