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Toxic Exposure, Veterans and Our Health

Jun 29, 2020 03:05PM ● By Carol Henricks
Over the past 15 years, it has become clear that toxic exposure is a powerful mitigating factor that impacts the process of healing brain injury conditions—particularly in veterans. Toxic exposure includes Anthrax vaccines, heavy metal toxicity associated with weapons/training/combat (arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium, for example), Mefloquine and burn pit exposure.
Burn pit exposure has devastated the health of veterans. Persistent toxic exposure is unrivaled by any other civilian experience. We have firefighter data on cancers and diseases associated with exposure to burning materials while fighting a house fire, but military veterans were left in the environment exposed for weeks, months and some for years.
Once toxins are inhaled, they damage the lungs as they are absorbed across the membranes, enter the circulation, where toxic effects are translated throughout the body and then are stored in fat. The brain is a choice location for toxin storage. Damage to other organs impacts the health of the brain, creating metabolic pathology. Injury and subsequent cancers of the gastrointestinal system are common. Toxins themselves create toxic metabolic encephalopathy/toxic brain injury.
The brain injuries that our veterans have suffered from toxicity and trauma cause the problems that they suffer, including homelessness, suicide, legal problems and early onset of neurodegenerative conditions. Toxins cause injury to tissues that may progressively evolve into a tumor. Thermography is a way to track physiological changes in tissue that may signal transition into a neoplasm.
In order to treat our heroes, we need a comprehensive approach for diagnosis and treatment. Luckily, a plan consisting of laboratory screening, brain imaging, functional testing and thermography can help. This treatment includes nutrient optimization, far infrared sauna, IV therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other treatment modalities. There is hope for healing, don’t wait until you become untreatable.

Carol L. Henricks, MD is a neurologist specialist practicing at NorthStar Hyperbarics, in Tucson. She has run a separate clinic since 2004 to help heal military veterans with TBI and PTSD conditions. Connect at 520-229-1238 or



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