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The Spiritual Practice of Floating

For many who are feeling like they are in a forced isolation because of COVID-19, the thought of getting into an isolation tank, or flotation tank, may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s not. In fact, it’s empowering, refreshing and deep. The more esoteric use of a float experience is the spiritual practice of losing our senses and allowing a feeling of connection without boundaries.

While floating in a one-third salt solution, in the dark and quiet, we can explore the spiritual practice of floating by working through problems or conquering fears. As our mind opens and is not distracted by outside stimuli, it operates closer to our sub-conscious—those thoughts and ideas that are just below the surface. Being in the float tank taps into that subconscious mind by allowing us to simply focus on ourselves, and with practice, it teaches us to expand our awareness to others, our community and the world.

If we approach our float sessions with a centering thought or open-ended question like, “How can I move more gracefully with the dance of life?” that question will lead us down rabbit holes and open up neuropathways that will open to possibilities never dreamed of.

Artists, writers, musicians and chefs have emerged from their floats with ideas, and sometimes mentally completed books, art, music and recipes. Those looking to add to their spiritual practice by meditating, praying and just “being”, have found the spiritual practice of floating to be an unexpected treat.

Kalyn Wolf is the owner of Cloud Nine Flotation. Since 1985, she has been floating as a spiritual practice, and she teaches Cloud Nine Members how to move into deeper states of consciousness that lead to awakenings states that are profound. Connect at 520-668-4017, [email protected] or See ad, page 17.

Cloud Nine Flotation Center - Tucson AZ

Cloud Nine Flotation Center - Tucson, AZ

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