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Potential Oral Health Threats in Toothpaste

There are so many benefits of good oral hygiene—everything from the obvious of reduced tooth decay, fresh breath and better gum health, to potentially lowering the chance of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes and achieving healthier pregnancies.
Overall, good oral care results in a healthier mouth and a healthier body. Interestingly, most commercial brands of toothpaste include a health “poison” warning.
These are a few of the ingredients found in most commercial brands that should be avoided to better our oral hygiene:
• Sodium lauryl sulfate – This shampoo is a harsh chemical that is appropriate for our heads, but not for our mouths.
• Fluoride – The use of fluoride in toothpaste is at best a controversial issue with heated opinions on both sides of the argument. For certain, fluoride is a harsh chemical that will actually eat through glass and can cause etching to the enamel of the teeth. The result could be sensitive teeth that may require a numbing type toothpaste to avoid severe pain while eating and drinking.
• Sodium hydroxide – This is used to create an alkaline pH and to dissolve food particles between the teeth. The same chemical is also used to remove skin from dead animals in a laboratory setting.
• Waxing agents – Used like car wax or polish to whiten teeth. 

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