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Overcoming Fear with Chiropractic

We use the word stress a lot but what it really means is fear. Fear we won’t be liked, won’t perform well enough or won’t be accepted. All of us had plenty of stress before COVID-19 and now it is amplified. It is prudent to follow the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations to keep the virus at bay, but it is just as important to keep ourselves strong and healthy so our body does not suffer if the virus contacts us.
When we are constantly stressed, we react rather than choose. We tend to consume more carbs, sweets and alcohol. We choose activities which are sedentary and help us check out rather than check into our body. The relief is short-lived and creates more fear and health problems.
Regular chiropractic care increases the brain-body connection and promotes healthy life choices. When we choose better foods, move more, rest and play, these actions boost our immune system. Research shows that people under NetworkSpinal Care have more energy, sleep better, handle stress better and make healthier choices. NetworkSpinal Chiropractic care helps the body reset from being in constant fight-or-flight so that we can breathe easier and heal faster.
Another downside of COVID-19 is that people are sitting and on electronic devices more often. Both of these are very hard on the spine and will create more pain and posture distortions. Good health starts from inside. When we take care of our frame and all the nerves that our spine protects, our ability to thrive will soar.

Dr. Joanne Haupert, D.C. has a monthly community dinner virtually so people can get to know her and learn the benefits of a healthy spine. Connect at and for dates and times.

Joanne Haupert


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