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Transformational Medicine Transforms in Tucson

Oct 29, 2020 07:55PM ● By Tavi Meketon
Dr. DeeAnn Saber, NMD and Zach Saber, BS, MA, LMP, MFR

Dr. DeeAnn Saber, NMD and Zach Saber, BS, MA, LMP, MFR

One of Tucson’s premier natural and holistic healing centers, WellnessFirst!, which is Transformational Medicine, is going through a new and exciting transformation of its own.  During recent months, when most of us became stay-at-home workers, parents or students, Dr. DeeAnn Saber, NMD and Zach Saber, BS, MA, LMP, MFR have been working extensively to expand their services and wellness footprint to include a larger, more comprehensive clinic located conveniently in the center of town.
Dr. Richard Shulze was quoted as saying, “Natural healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for everything that goes in and out of your body, mind and spirit.” The Sabers and their team have based a lifetime’s work on this premise and will continue to provide an extensive line of services that treat the body, mind and spirit with the same passion, therapies and vision that has served patients locally for over 10 years.
This husband-and-wife team, along with an experienced group of specialists, has created a local consortium of comprehensive functional medicine professionals that treat patients as a whole, often times working with traditional doctors and other forms of treatments in the patients’  current program.
Many patients bring their families to the center to create healthy habits that are established early on, so that exercise and nutrition become an integral part of the whole family’s commitment. People of all ages can and do suffer a multitude of issues that may stem from allergies and imbalanced nutrition. However, others are years in the making and require extensive time and effort to discover the primary root and establish a plan for wellness.
DeeAnn takes two hours with each patient on the initial visit and commits to reviewing what can be years of medical records and unyielding treatments to understand the patient’s history and the “big picture”. In addition to the overview of past therapies, she also provides each patient a thorough and in-depth functional analysis through blood tests that will check endocrine function, gut health and other systems the body relies on for optimal health. Together, this past and present picture can create a clearer path to future success.
“When the body is not fed properly—mentally, physically or spiritually—the body feels pain, discomfort, out of sorts and limited,” says Zach. He works with patients of all ages and walks of life, from young athletes to others who have spent years staying active but suffer some sort of inflammation, fascia and/or bone problems over time. Zach bases his treatment on a thorough understanding of any history of mental and physical issues, which allows him to serve the whole person. His specialty is addressing pain and discomfort through myofascial release, but he also works with additional modalities if needed.
The Sabers and their team practice what they preach by experiencing various treatments and supplements themselves so that they are aware of the effects as it applies to intended outcome. Each of their recommendations for nutritional supplements are high quality, clinically supported and can only be ordered through the patient portal. Extensive and proactive external and internal care is taken at each stage of the patients’ ultimate health goals and the right balance of mind and body health is a necessary part of the journey.
Married for over 12 years, but best friends for more than 20, the Sabers knew about their vision long before it became a reality. Both have spent decades studying the correlations between mind, body and the connection of a higher spirit. While they both have extensive experience and education in their respective fields, they are on a continuous path to learn new and effective ways to treat those who suffer. DeeAnn continuously expands her discovery and treatment phases through several mental and physical healing techniques, along with homeopathy, bodywork, herbal medicine and shamanic work.
The Transformational Medicine team has recently set its sights on leaving a legacy of healthcare practitioners who can carry the baton into the future. Both Sabers have interns working with them side-by-side learning, understanding and practicing the same type of healing that has worked successfully for their patients for over a decade.
The new office building plans to open in December of this year and will also gain additional professionals, including Dr. Emily Takeuchi Miller, who will be adding even more specialties to the group. “Dr. Em” earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and believes that the best medicine is performed when doctors and patients work together in partnership to achieve optimal health. She enjoys seeing patients of all ages and is committed to helping them live well, no matter their condition.
DeeAnn’s vision is clear from her statement that “we want to love people back to their optimal health”. This passion is evident in their flexibility of care for generations of patients and staff, offering numerous methods to discover and treat holistically, educating themselves about new and alternative therapies and the desire to maintain their mission to heal for years to come.
“We want people to come here and feel like they are walking into their own living room,” enthuses DeeAnn. Everything about the Sabers is comfortable and non-judgmental, with the true energy of healers. They have been given a gift and are sharing this with our community. They care for Tucson and its people like they would care for family members.
With careful, concerted effort, the Sabers understand the complications of the human being and have committed their personal and professional lives to helping many who have no where else to turn. They are often a last resort, and for many the Transformational Medicine Center is perhaps the final stop on the road to lifelong health and happiness.
Transformational Medicine is currently located at 3861 N. First Ave., Tucson. Grand opening celebration to be announced. Connect at 520-209-1755 or See ad, page 4.

Tavi Meketon, MBA, SPHR is a local author and business executive who focuses on supporting individuals and organizations through proactive strategies and comprehensive solutions. Connect at [email protected].

Transformational Medicine - 3861 N First Ave Tucson AZ

Transformational Medicine - 3861 N First Ave, Tucson, AZ

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