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Our Inner Ocean

What is our inner ocean and why does it matter? Our inner ocean is made up of our matrix connective tissue and disturbances within that tissue is the starting point of many imbalances in the body. Matrix Reflex Testing is a very delicate yin form of energetic testing, developed and taught by Dr. Louisa Williams, which can access that connective tissue that is our inner ocean. This very sensitive connective tissue supports rapid communication in our body—faster than the known speed of nerve conduction.
Here is why this energetic testing works so well. Our matrix tissue is the oldest, most sensitive and most evolved tissue in our bodies. It is more evolved than our nervous system. This tissue communicates directly with our cell membrane (brain). It’s watery matrix surrounds every organ, tissue, ligament and bone in our bodies. It’s in every cell of our muscles. It makes up 70% of our body. In other words, we are swimming in it.   
This is why, when this type of energetic testing is utilized, there is an instantaneous response to something placed directly on the body, such as—a food, a supplement, body lotion, a dental material and more. With this very delicate and precise form of testing, the opportunity is available to pinpoint specific underlying or otherwise hidden health issues, such as old scar tissue, a dental, jaw or tonsil focus, specific toxic issues, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities. No more chasing symptoms! With this method, the root cause is addressed and resolved.

For nutrition consults and matrix reflex testing contact Jeanne Bjorn MS, Holistic Nutrition, 520-882-4324.

Nurturing Nutrition - NA Tucson AZ

Nurturing Nutrition - NA, Tucson, AZ

Utilizing Whole Foods Nutritional Therapy, My Knowledge of Tooth & Body Health and My Skills In High Quality Testing: I Can Assist You In Reclaiming The Vitality And Energy That Is Y... Read More » 

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