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Nine Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues

Nov 24, 2020 09:21PM ● By Brandon Derrow
For many of us, the holidays bring the joy of shopping, community and being together with family. For others, this means financial stress, depression and isolation. If we find ourselves feeling down around the holidays, here are some tips to help bring back some cheer.

1. Don’t take on more than one can handle. While it’s important to make time to spend with friends and family, it’s easy to over-commit, making us feel like we have more obligations than we do time. Sometimes it’s best to be open with loved ones and reschedule for another time.

2. Consider the holiday budget. Financial stress is all too common during the holidays. But while we may do our best to stick to our budget during the shopping season, much of the stress can come once the holidays are over and the bills arrive. Be sure to keep in mind the coming months when considering a holiday budget.

3. Be optimistic about the future. As the New Year approaches, it’s not unusual for people to make resolutions, only to give up down the road. But if we really focus on what can bring us happiness in the future, and set our mind to sticking with it, we may find ourselves in a much better place this time next year.

4. Volunteer to help. Volunteering our time is a wonderful way to give back to others and help ourselves feel better in the process. Other great ways to volunteer include setting up a food or gift drive, and helping neighbors set up holiday decorations.

5. Look into free holiday activities. Money can be tight around the holidays, but thankfully there are many festive things to do that are free or low-cost. Visiting other neighborhoods to enjoy other’s decorations, window shopping and getting out to take in the winter weather are all examples of free holiday experiences.

6. Limit alcohol intake. Overindulging in alcohol is common around the holidays. While it may seem like it’s reducing our stress, it’s important to remember that alcohol is not only a depressant, but also a naked carbohydrate in an extremely refined form.

7. Create new traditions. It’s common for people to get caught pining for happier past holidays, especially if one’s current situation isn’t ideal. Rather than long for the past, mix things up by creating new traditions.

8. Try getting social. This time of year can be especially tough for people
without a significant other or family, or whose loved ones live far away. Going to
a local bookstore or café for a brief
conversation or exchanging smiles has been shown to improve moods.

9. Get in contact with loved ones. For many of us, the holidays can mean isolation and loneliness. If we’re separated by distance, getting in touch with loved ones is only a phone call, email, text or even a letter away. The holidays are also a wonderful time to patch up fractured relationships. Unresolved issues with loved ones can often be the root of stressors
simmering in the background.

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Brandon Derrow is the Communications Coordinator for Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations and has been with them for over 10 years. He was born in Virginia and has lived in Tucson for the past 15 years. For more tips and resources on stress, visit

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