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Community for Comfort and Change

Nov 24, 2020 09:20PM ● By Elisabeth Heneage
Who is experiencing loneliness? It could be we forgot there are ways we can connect with new friends. We have new people who are just waiting to meet us.
Because we find ourselves in a time of tests, trials and travails, a spiritual community can offer a portal to meaningful friendships. A spiritual community can offer support and hope in ways rarely found in the “outside world”.
This is a time of change, transition and of returning karma. This is a time which is requiring great adjustment. Many people simply are not making the inner changes they need to make to adapt to what is going on in the world and within themselves. But when we are with people who strive for higher consciousness, the like-minded camaraderie can lift us up.
A loving spiritual community provides a platform to re-ignite our desire to be a friend to God—to be closer to our Higher self. Now is an opportunity to rise, and it is the best time to learn how to be a friend of God. Finding the right community can catapult us to greater self-awareness.
Now is a great time to find similar hearts and gather to: join in spiritual practices; anchor and expand the light within, especially in our hearts; grow in love, especially in the love of God; receive support and clarity; and learn how to balance karma more easily.
The Mighty God Presence, the Inner Divinity is always present in our heart chakra. And above, we are connected to our Real God Self. For we are divine, we all have a special purpose. Perhaps one part of our purpose is to join with others in a spiritual community.
The verb “commune” means “to talk with (God).” The true meaning of community comes from the root of communal. Its inner meaning is “come you into unity”, comm-u-nity or “come you into one-ness”.
Jesus mentioned the importance of community when he said, “Where two or more gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” This is an alchemical formula to understand the power of gathering to practice spiritual beliefs: the number of people is squared when all are gathered in one place. Where people gather in spiritual unity, the power of spiritual practice is increased exponentially.
This is the true power of community. Community is the gathering of like hearts and minds to advance a cause. The most powerful cause will always be a spiritual cause. Take refuge, then, in each other. For everyone or anyone can be the Church and the spiritual community. The spiritual refuge is a refuge of love—a place to go and find the necessary sustaining of our soul, body and mind.
We are Divine. We must claim our Divinity and practice it. The easiest way to grow into our inner divinity is to gather in a spiritual community with like-minded people.

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