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Reflexology: A Body Meditation

Meditation, a powerful practice impacting the body and mind, helps cultivate inner wholeness and peace in a fragmented and conflicted world. When a meditating person is carefully monitored, distinct and consistent shifts are observed. Heart and respiratory rates slow much more than during normal rest or even sleep. Vital body functions are more regulated and the brain shows increased alpha waves indicative of a deeply relaxed state.
Reflexology, because it is so deeply relaxing, can also induce a slower and deeper respiratory rhythm, a slower heart rate, less muscular tension and an increase in blood flow through the visceral and skeletal muscles, along with a more efficient use of available energy. Interestingly, when the body is deeply relaxed and tension is released, there is a “waking up”—a sense of vitality.
The quality of conscious touch through reflexology invites this meditative state.
Frequently, clients report a shift from stuck heaviness to free lightness and a mental/
emotional state of complete release and contentment, distinctively different from sleep.
Meditation and reflexology are complementary practices that can help us connect to our inherent sense of wholeness, peace and interconnectedness. What the world needs now is more of this.

Cheryl Foster, a Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist, has been in practice for 16 years. Her gentle practice, Barefoot Dreams Reflexology, is located at 1661 N. Swan, Ste. 254, Tucson, and is now offering a special introductory rate for new clients. Connect at 520-345-4554, [email protected] or See ad, page 19.

Cheryl H Foster

BAREFOOT DREAMS REFLEXOLOGY - 1661 N Swan Rd Ste 254, Tucson, AZ

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