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Get in Shape at Any Age with Tucson’s Distinguished Prestige Fitness

Dec 30, 2020 05:49PM ● By Wendy Becker
Serving Tucson for nearly 12 years, Prestige Fitness is more than a personal fitness gym. It is a growing business partnership formed by Joe Genova and Ron Yousefnejad that has gained momentum and recent spotlight in the community. Guided by their education, experience, inspiration and passion to help others achieve healthy lifestyle goals, Prestige Fitness strives for excellence. Their business model and niche gained traction and national recognition this year, when Inc. Magazine awarded Prestige Fitness a place on their Inc. 5000 list as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies In America.
By delivering consistent, cutting-edge services to its members, Prestige applies technological tools and an experienced health professional team with heart to their largest demographic: middle age to retirement individuals. As Yousefnejad says, “Quality of life is linked to maintaining sustainable activities to travel, hike or socialize and play with grandchildren.”
Prestige Fitness focuses on bridging the gap of connection and sustainability with integrity and consistency. As a part of the community, they demonstrate that they are committed to each individual’s health transformation with a welcoming “Hello!” the minute one walks through the door of the facility—open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Knowing what to expect helps to remove obstacles that can impede progress. To accomplish goals, they need to be flexible, integrative, measurable and repeatable. The signature six-step process at Prestige Fitness begins with a 3D body image scan with metabolism test. Next, the client meets their trainer, dietician and posture specialist. Then they’ll learn about lifestyle integration and recovery.

Physiological Toolbox
Clients first step into a private mini exercise physiology lab for a 3D body scan and metabolism evaluations. These tests provide a baseline for one’s body mass index and metabolic processes.
A 3D Styku Body Scan is a non-invasive infrared computer automated camera that measures body mass. It takes 30 seconds of standing still on a turntable platform, with results available in 40 seconds. The REEVUE Indirect Calorimeter measures resting energy oxygen expenditure and metabolism. It is helpful for understanding how the body is using calories for weight maintenance, gain or loss. This test is done seated or reclined and takes 10 minutes. During this test, the client will breathe through an individually sealed, one-time use, mouth tube.
Both tests help the client’s Certified Trainer and Registered Dietician identify individual challenges that a client may have in order to map their fitness prescription and realistically design a wellness program that can be tracked on a monthly basis.

State-of-the-Art Gym Equipment
At Prestige, one will recognize equipment like TRX, treadmills and weights—but the true highlight is that Prestige Fitness boasts the only exclusive contract agreement in Tucson with Power Plate ( This vibration plate technology has been around since the 1960s, when the Soviet Union used this tool to help astronauts combat damage that antigravity does to the physical body during space missions.
Fast forward through the last 30 years, Power Plate technology has been further advanced through much scientific research. Even the University of Arizona validated the efficacy of Power Plate by requesting to do studies of their own on muscle density and activation at Prestige Fitness. Using specific frequency and multi-planar directions of movement, a harmonic resonance happens to “trick the nervous system into releasing pain” by quaking tissues into sliding and gliding more smoothly.
Some of the research-tested Power Plate benefits can include: increased blood circulation and cellular metabolism; increased mineralization and bone
density; increased muscle mass; increased lymphatic drainage; rehydrated connective tissue and boosted collagen production; reduced appearance of cellulite and reduced fat composition; increased core balance, strength, flexibility and posture; and increased ranges of motion for back, knees and hip. It was also clinically shown to improve pre-hypertension, type 2
sdiabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and spinal cord and stroke recovery.
Moreover, a 30-minute Power Plate session is equivalent to 90 minutes of exercise. This very practical, time-efficient apparatus is perfect for anti-aging in 27-minute, small group classes of up to six participants.

Expertise with Precision
Prestige Fitness puts the humanity back into technology by being collaborative leaders on each individual’s team. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced with movement skills, there is a Prestige Fitness professional that will be right for every client.
When it comes to lifestyle changes that last, education is very important for integrating understanding. Each expert acts as a compassionate guide for clients’ healing progress. Trainers are personally matched to every individual, and they will interface with the rest of the health team to adapt training programs to the client’s current and evolving needs.
A dietician helps get to the root of what will help optimize one’s nutritional and caloric profile needs with a customized a food plan. Massage helps clients recover and restore their muscles to stay more comfortably on top of their game.
Prestige uses a movement method called Egoscue (, combined with computerized visuals which help clients discover how postural alignment is an integral part of initiating pain-free movement. Egoscue was created by Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran Pete Egoscue, who was on a mission to solve his own pain. He arrived to the fundamental belief that “the body is perfect by design, and that most pain is the result of imbalances due to overuse or injury…and that the body has amazing regenerative power…healing itself if postural alignment is restored.” This gentle form of individualized and specific exercise helps clients get there.
Already, Prestige Fitness has become a Tucson legacy in the lives of many by contributing to the community through charity, as well as carrying out its mission of “being tomorrow’s health solution for today’s modern lifestyle, integrating the latest technologies to promote wellness”. 
Coming soon, this wellness dream team is about “ready to raise the bar” again with exciting plans to expand the current building site. Yousefnejad emphasizes that “integrity and safety” are the “compass in creating the trusted partnership every client needs on their journey to transformation”. They aim to include more healthcare specialists such as clinical therapy and Asian medicine.
The personally supportive environment at Prestige Fitness helps clients of all ages and stages gain the courage to reach positive, repeatable milestones. Perhaps 2021 can be the opportunity to increase our confidence, happiness and vital longevity with Prestige.

Prestige Fitness is located at 4490 N. 1st Ave., in Tucson. Connect at 844-843-1638, [email protected] or See ad, page 3.

Wendy Becker, BA, LMT, Dipl. LAc., CNRT-M enjoys writing about health and wellness-related topics and is the owner of Axis Vitality, PLLC ( in Tucson.

Prestige Fitness - 4490 N 1st Ave Tucson AZ

Prestige Fitness - 4490 N 1st Ave, Tucson, AZ

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