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It’s Plowing Time Again: The Year of the Ox

Jan 30, 2021 08:01PM ● By The Tao Time Guide
Following the chaotic social upheaval and deterioration of trust in most of the Year of the Rat, those still standing are assessing their condition. Many around them have fallen or been destroyed. Others are weakened. In such times, it is best to not despair, to quietly maintain and wait.
In the Chinese zodiac, Rat is followed by Ox, bringing grounded, loyal, gentle and trustworthy attentions. Ox is a powerful animal who has the ability to transform the negative effects of Rat year 2020 into positive outcomes in 2021. Ox can save one from disaster, and help reconstruct what has been damaged because Ox is a builder. Though turmoil may still be present, accept it as the catalyst to awaken new avenues of regeneration, where adversity becomes the harbinger of deliverance.
As the light brightens, the urge to run ahead appears. Avoid the urge and bank energies for the next Chinese zodiac
animal—Tiger—where the time is more auspicious for leaping ahead. Now is a time to rebuild what has been destroyed, and repair and refine what has been injured.
February 12, 2021 marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox. The second animal of the Chinese zodiac, the Ox brings the energy for hard work, positivity and honesty that is needed for the next 12 months. Oxen are honored throughout folklore and myth as messengers of efficacy and integrity.
A strong start and steady progress makes good use of Ox energy. Prepare for the hard work ahead by practicing diligence, rectitude and staying nourished. Diligence in steady progress, not rushing ahead. Like Ox plowing a field, breaking up and softening the hard soil, success is attained through diligent work and conscientious effort. The virtue of steadiness is thoroughness. Fostering support sustains continuity.
Ox is regular, methodical in thought and action. Virtuous in stability, attentive in agency. Intent at repairing and rebuilding, Ox does the work that needs to be done. Each action builds on the one before, making it possible for the Tiger to leap to an auspicious perch. Here the steady Ox energy lays foundations by being trustworthy, assuring the integrity of the work being prepared for.
To emulate the Ox, yoke-up to improve life and emphasize the diversity that makes us stronger and better when we work together. Prosperity is acquired through hard work, integrity and fair play. Take on the yoke to pull the plow, the wagon, the turnstile.
Begin by assessing personal and community strengths and weaknesses. The old adage that “one cannot grow strong by strengthening weaknesses—that merely creates strong weaknesses” resonates. Apply attention to strengthening strengths, and watch weaknesses whither and disappear. Cull baggage and attachments and organize activities and attentions around routines, practices, disciplines. Free up internal space by eliminating wasted energy on opinions.
Next, nourish the rejuvenated space created. Enter the opening created, filling the space with new attentions. The Monkey mind is still there. It will rush to become dominant again with righteous chatter. Thwart the automatic urge, be mindful, fill the space with a mantra, then give the mind tasks to accomplish. The Ox wants to work; give it work to do.
Apply rhythmic diligence to what is at hand. Be steady, making straight and deep furrows. Rhythm includes rests and nourishment; steadiness does not burn out. Ox is available these next 12 months for preparing a future.

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