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Heart Disease is Still Our Greatest Risk—and Greatest Power

The bad news regarding cardiovascular disease (CVD) is that it’s the number one killer of American men and women—for decades, to the tune of 650,000 to 700,000 deaths annually. That’s almost twice the current COVID-19 death count—and not just this year, but every year we’ve been alive.
The good news is that it’s well established to be about 99.5 percent preventable—by our choices. 
Although fear and anxiety are not health-inducing, for many, COVID has brought many to an urgent and immediate realization of how precious life is. If that’s the case, try focusing on heart health. It’s reasonable to take other precautions, but keep risks in perspective. Heart disease still represents our greatest risk—and greatest power.
If COVID somehow feels more threatening, know that CVD and metabolic disease (including hypertension, elevated A1C and even the medications used to treat these) put us at a significantly elevated risk of a “complicated case” of COVID. The vast majority of those complicated cases have a co-morbidity like CVD. According to research across the globe and noted by Harvard Medical School, the COVID death rate for patients with CVD is about 10 times that of otherwise healthy ones.
The best news is: it’s in our hands. Dr. Dean Ornish in the 1990s, and many others since, have resoundingly shown that heart disease is both preventable and reversible. How we eat, move, sleep and transmute stress all play a profound role in preventing and reversing heart disease—and conveniently, most other illnesses, too.
Some starter resources include,,, and Email [email protected] for a hand-curated list of many more websites, cookbooks, recipe sites and other inspiration.

Robyn Landis is an ACE-certified fitness professional, self-care coach, best-selling author, nutritionist, herbalist and energy healer. Motivation is her specialty—making healthy choices happy, natural and easy, rooted in love, service and gratitude. Connect at 520-314-0994 or

Robyn Landis - NA Tucson AZ

Robyn Landis - NA, Tucson, AZ

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