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Mindfulness Eating for Weight Loss

Where are we when we are eating? Not just where are we physically—standing in the kitchen, on the couch, driving or maybe at the table. But where are we mentally? Where is our mind while we are eating?
Scrolling our phone, watching TV and other multitasking adds stress to our bodies. Scientists have shown that added stress while eating causes decreased assimilation of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. So, how do we eat mindfully?
Let’s start with the basics. When sitting down to eat, we are only eating. We don’t bring our phone, TV, book or laptop when we want to spend a few minutes in meditation. It’s the same with eating. And just like with meditation, it is only for a short while.
Next, we should take in the meal in front of us. What are we about to eat? What does it smell like? What are all the colors we see? What are the textures? What is it we love about this particular food? We can even breathe a word of gratitude to all that had to occur to allow this food to be in front of us.
Now as we begin to taste the food and enjoy our meal, we are there. We are in the moment of eating—and that is what it means to be mindful, living in the moment. This will add another layer of joy to our meal and to our digestive system.

Brenda Reynolds is a Health Coach specializing in weight loss. Connect at See ad, page 9.

Joyfull Life Health Coaching - 6460 East Grant Rod 13738 Tucson AZ

Joyfull Life Health Coaching - 6460 East Grant Rod, 13738, Tucson, AZ

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