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Psychic Services Provide Insight in Tucson

Feb 26, 2021 06:35PM ● By Katta Mapes
Most all of us would like to know the future—and nobody knows for sure—but one place that could help us find out a little more is a local psychic fair. There, we can find a plethora of skilled intuitive arts practitioners. These people have honed their skills using a variety of tools for reading, energy healing and clearing, plus other forms of applied insight designed to provide psycho-spiritual assistance.
One such fair is the Tucson Metaphysics Fair (, held on Oracle Road near Orange Grove on the third Sunday of the month, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Entry into the fair is free. Each vendor sets their own charges for their services.
Guests who come to a psychic fair usually find vendors in tables set up around the room. Usually, these guests walk around the room to get a feel for who is there and what they do, then they choose the intuitive artist they want to meet. Guests who have come before may choose to go directly to a particular vendor they have met before. Popular vendors often have a sign-up list. Common intuitive arts tools that vendors share are mediumship, Tarot readings, dowsing, gemology, astrology and numerology. Some also offer various means of energy healing. These arts are based on the belief that people are made of energy. Sometimes their energy or vibes need to be cleared or balanced with the help of a skilled healer.
Elvia Martinez, such a healer, sets up a massage table at the Tucson Metaphysics Fair where she offers reiki and other energy healing techniques. Her methodology is eclectic as she blends her knowledge of shamanism, gems and essential oils with energy balancing for a holistic approach to helping people feel better. “I am constantly in search of myself and this search has led me to different, nontraditional, holistic techniques which focus on opening your heart so that you can arrive to the totality of who you are,” says Martinez.
A skilled psychic often provides new insight and information for guests to consider. As we have moved into a new year, Mollie Chivington, owner of Mystic Candles and frequent vendor at the Tucson Metaphysics fair, offers this insight into 2021: “2020 has been the year where we have been forced to stop and reflect on what we are doing; we got to notice what we want and don’t want in our lives. 2021 will give us a forward movement for us in careers and life path that are more aligned with our true-life purpose.”
Other popular psychic fairs in Tucson are the monthly fair at the Tamara Spiritual Center ( and the Mystic Messengers ( Larry Martin, astrologer and organizer for the Mystic Messengers fair, held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Tucson Reid Park, is hopeful that this fair will start up again in 2021. Right now, restrictions by the City of Tucson won’t allow the fair to meet.

Katta Mapes, M.A., M.Ed. is a freelance writer, book author and psychic fair reader who is dedicated to promoting social, emotional and spiritual well-being for all. Connect at [email protected].

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