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The Human Biofield

Feb 26, 2021 06:35PM ● By Danielle Dvorak
Our biofield (energy field or aura) affects our overall well-being, physical health and daily energetic balance. We all experience chronic energetic imbalances, limiting beliefs, energy blocks and relationships that inhibit our health, emotional states and mental environment. The positive about this is that we are then provided an opportunity to work, on a quantum level, with transforming, releasing and processing what may be blocking us from higher degrees of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
Physicists now acknowledge that the universe is completely comprised of energy, with only 4.6 percent “vibrating” slowly enough to be considered physical matter. Thus, we are also mostly energy with our physical bodies being only a small part of us, as human beings.
Our DNA is a biophoton machine, a mechanism that responds to the light/sound outside and inside of us. Not only are we made of light/sound, but we also generate light/sound. Therefore, we can clear and heal our biofield,
assisting physical healing too, with the use of light and sound—i.e., energy. This energy includes our thoughts, feelings, emotions, environment and more.
When our biofields and boundaries are healthy, our energy, psyche and spirit are protected from harmful influences such as “energy vampires”. This helps us to balance intimacy and connection with others, while also assisting us in creating health, love, contentment and abundance.
Just like our physical body gets dirty and we need to bathe or shower, our biofield gets “dirty” and needs cleaning, too. Everyday life brings people and experiences to us that will inevitably challenge us in both good and difficult ways—and the difficult challenges and people are often the ones that create energetic “dirt”.
What weakens our biofield and how do we recognize when we are being unduly influenced by negative energies? Here are some questions and prompts for checking in with oneself.
• What are our values? When do people or situations compromise our values?
• Do we experience inner conflict? When does this happen?
• How much of ourselves do we give up to support others?
• Are we absorbing other peoples’ consequences, engaging in “savior behavior”?
• Are we able to remain in a neutral state as much as possible—and when we      get triggered, witness ourselves in order to create distance from the
emotional reaction?

For a healthier biofield, we may try these simple suggestions. Breathe deeply, move slowly and breathe some more. Spend more time outside, consciously connecting with nature. Speak up—truthfully, considerately and directly, if possible. Be kind to the self and others. Take time to eat well, get enough sleep and move the body.

Danielle L. Dvorak is a  Biofield Balance/Soul Path Intuitive Reader, Certified Vibrational Healing Sound Practitioner, E-RYT200 yoga teacher, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, certified aromatherapist, Akashic Records guide and Certified End of Life Mentor. Connect at 847-323-9188 or

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