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Microcurrent Medicine: More than Just a Pretty Face

Although microcurrent facials have been around for some years, few of us may be aware of the full spectrum of benefits available using this bio-energetic therapy. Most commonly, microcurrent, a non-invasive, low-level electrical current (like the body’s own natural current), is used in anti-aging treatments to lift and tone facial muscles, while boosting collagen and elastin production. In addition to stimulating muscle memory and ATP, another property of microcurrent called iontophoresis, improves blood and lymph circulation and skin care product penetration.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, energetic blockages are the primary causes of physical pain and disease, as well as emotional disturbances. Not surprisingly, since all our basic life functions are directly or indirectly related to electrical activity, past clinical microcurrent research has shown that it effectively increases wound and bone healing, reduces inflammatory body processes and restores healthy nerve function.
Recent treatment advances combining microcurrent with color-light or Microlight Electro-Acupoint therapy have demonstrated this vibrational medicine modality’s ability to harmonize the body’s subtle energy fields, namely the chakra and meridian system. Clients treated with standardized, non-invasive Microlight protocols specific for their clinical conditions reported significant and rapid pain reduction, accelerated healing for both acute and chronic conditions, as well as release of deep-seated emotional traumas. Facial and whole-body rejuvenation techniques and nutrition-based weight-loss programs incorporating these vibrational protocols have also shown results.

Dr. Suzanne Pear, RN, Ph.D., LE, CQH offers Energy Light Rejuvenation (“whole-body healing disguised as a facial”) at Pampered Skin Studio, located at 5160 E. Glenn St., Ste. 150, in Tucson. Connect at 520-400-8109 or See ad, page 25.

Suzanne Pear

PAMPERED SKIN STUDIO - 5160 E Glenn St, Ste 150, Tucson, AZ

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