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Get to the Root of Health Concerns with Edge Integrative Wellness

Mar 31, 2021 07:00PM ● By Tavi Meketon

Top Row: Maria Crawford; LymphPresso Therapeutic Treatment; Tissue Regenerative Therapy (TRT). Bottom Row: Edge Integrative Wellness Office; Maria Crawford performing in-office diagnostic testing

Maria Crawford, FNP and founder of Edge Integrative Wellness, wants people to know that optimal health and function are attainable. “Many become discouraged and don’t realize there are ways to find the answers to many of our health issues and the path to feeling better is available,” she says.
At Edge Integrative Wellness, their mission is to optimize the health of patients by discovering the root cause of their body’s health conditions and focusing on core issues rather than only the symptoms. Understanding the correlation between the body’s internal reaction to its external environment is key in the journey to optimal health. Toxins in our environment can contribute significantly to the decline in health and often manifest as chronic issues that disrupt daily life and cause other illnesses to take hold.
For some, a visit to Crawford is a last resort. “People come to me waving the white flag, as they have oftentimes exhausted all other traditional paths,” she says. Crawford has spent the last 20 years immersed in various medical specialties, including extensive training in pediatric care, trauma, surgery and gerontology. These areas of expertise, including a decade as a fitness instructor, as well as personal experience, have pointed her directly toward a lifelong purpose and passion for healing. This comprehensive, holistic and integrative view of health is one of the many things that sets Crawford and her team apart from other healthcare agencies that specialize in specific areas.
The clinic’s group of highly trained professionals see a wide variety of patients with various health issues. These can range from chronic fatigue, the inability to lose weight, pain and inflammation, to longevity and aging healthily. Many of these patients have been searching for help with primary care, various specialists and other healthcare professionals, only to be frustrated time and again.
“I started to see that there was a difference in the rate of weight loss for people when all other factors were the same,” Crawford explains. This caused Crawford to dig deeper into each patient’s physiology and why certain protocols were working for some, but not others. She found several factors that impacted their success were centered on hormones, the lymphatic system, genetics and toxins, as well as physical and mental wellness.
The Edge’s holistic approach to healing begins with an in-depth interview in addition to various laboratory screens that are deemed necessary. Careful listening and a thorough understanding of the patients’ history is what gives them an “edge”.
The combination of modalities at the clinic is striking. Programs are personalized given the individuals’ specific concerns, history and continuous tracking of improvement and/or changes. Hyperbaric chamber, electronic shock wave treatments and lymphatic therapy are just a few of the options for treatment.
Crawford’s own experience with her health and the decades of training has created a highly successful “health advisor” with equal parts knowledge, curiosity, experience and education that has allowed her to be an extremely effective problem solver. She sees the health issues of her patients as a complicated puzzle to solve and brings her comprehensive background and skills to do just that.
Crawford believes that educating her community on the topics of clean living, the power of nutrition, clean air, exercise and other factors leading to good health is one of the best ways to help them take control to set and meet their own goals for wellness. “Sharing my knowledge is one of the best ways to make a difference,” she says of her continued vision to educate and support as many people as possible. Often, she can be seen giving lectures in and around the community regarding a variety of subjects stemming from common experiences and her extensive knowledge gained over the years.
Crawford has discovered numerous and astonishing connections between the environment resulting in a typically undetectable “cause and effect” that may present as what we consider chronic illness. Typically, the answer from traditional medicine is often singular in nature and usually treated with drugs. Lack of communication or miscommunication between cells, receptor sites and imbalances in the endocrine system are a few of the explanations that may cause issues in maintaining optimal physiology on the inside and feeling healthy and energetic on the outside.
While there may be cases where surgery, medication and other allopathic measures are necessary, there are many areas one can investigate at the core of their personal habits and environment to move closer to a long-term and comprehensive solution to improving their own health.
At Edge Integrative Wellness, Crawford offers innovative treatments to ignite the body’s healing mechanisms, including the popular 7-week Total Body Revival program and Revival Room – Gym for Your Cells memberships. The Total Body Revival program offers a step-by-step approach to students who want to heal the body, achieve weight loss and optimize fitness and performance. The program is now available online. Wellness seekers can take advantage of Edge’s most advanced treatments, like LymphPresso, Vibration Plate and IV drips at a discount, with monthly memberships to the Revival Room.
At the Edge Integrative Wellness clinic, Crawford and her team help those who suffer from health issues by finding solutions to what has previously been an unsolved mystery. Crawford has found her passion through her own personal experiences and now knows it is a lifelong purpose to share with others.

Edge Integrative Wellness is located at Plaza Palomino, 2900 N. Swan Rd., Ste. 102, Tucson. Connect at 520-232-3360 or See ad, page 5.

Edge Integrative Wellness - 2900 N Swan Rd Ste 102 Tucson AZ

Edge Integrative Wellness - 2900 N Swan Rd, Ste 102, Tucson, AZ

Integrative Nurse Practitioner, Maria Crawford is the owner and operator of Edge Integrative Wellness, a clinic that customizes health and wellness treatment plans to help clients heal at... Read More »