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Do You Hear What I Hear?

What if someone could hear our thoughts? What if everything we said to ourselves, about ourselves, was being overheard? It is! We are hearing it. We are hearing the way we talk to ourselves and the words we are using.
Do we hear ourselves saying with the compassion of speaking to a child, “That’s okay sweetheart, you are learning,” or “You can do it, baby; I believe in you”?
Let’s start with curiosity. We should start actively listening to the dialog we are having about ourselves, to ourselves. Then, speak the words to ourselves that we would love to hear from others: “I am proud of you”, “You look great today”, “I love your smile”, or
“You make me happy.”
The longest relationship we will ever have is with ourselves. We can make it the most nourishing, loving and thoughtful relationship in our life—because we are worth it.

Brenda Reynolds, a Certified Health/Life Coach with Joyful Life Health Coaching, specializes in helping those who struggle under the burden of excess weight. Connect at

Joyfull Life Health Coaching - 6460 East Grant Rod 13738 Tucson AZ

Joyfull Life Health Coaching - 6460 East Grant Rd, 13738, Tucson, AZ

I work with women who struggle under the burden of excess weight. I help them lose weight and live in food freedom. Read More » 


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