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Animals Are Soul: Daisy Comes Back

Nov 30, 2021 10:00AM ● By Nettie Clarke
Amy agreed to pet sit her friend’s cat. After a month away, the friend returned and asked Amy if she wanted to adopt the kitty. This was a wonderful thing, as Amy had fallen in love with the cat during their time together. This feline was full of joy and love, and it was contagious. Of course Amy agreed, and she decided to rename her “Kata”.
As Amy chanted HU one morning during contemplation—a spiritual exercise to connect more closely with Divine Spirit—she received a joyful message: “I am Daisy!” At first she didn’t know what the message meant. As she contemplated, though, she remembered a kitty from an earlier chapter in her life.
A neighbor’s house had burned to the ground, and their cats scattered. Amy found a home for the tamest one, and for 10 years she watched another survive on its own. A cat owner nearby began to feed the stray, but then that neighbor moved away too. One day Amy noticed this almost-feral cat in front of her own home. She went out to say hello and, to her surprise, the cat rolled over as though asking to have its belly rubbed.
Amy adopted the kitty and named it “Daisy”. Amy and Daisy lived together happily for several years. When she took the cat to the vet for treatment, though, the vet exclaimed, “Why are you calling this cat Daisy? It’s a male!” So Amy renamed him “Blue”.
Later in life, Blue became very ill. Heart-broken, Amy compassionately asked the vet to euthanize him. She held Blue tight and told him she loved him while he left his kitty body. And so, years later, when Amy heard the words, “I am Daisy!” during contemplation, she realized that Kata was her beloved Daisy (who had been renamed Blue), saying that she had come back in another body to be with Amy again.
In his book Animals Are Soul Too!, Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, writes, “Sometimes there’s a strong bond between people and their pets, or a bond with certain other people. And we wonder, Why such a strong bond? Often the answer lies in a past life.”

Nettie Clarke is a member of the Eckankar clergy who lives in Flagstaff. After operating an alternative healing center for 12 years, she is semi-retired and has written seven books about how the Holy Spirit works in her life. For more stories, visit To experience HU, visit For local Eckankar events, visit

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