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Strengthening Chi with Reiki

Chi is a powerful natural energy which flows through all living things—humans, animals and plants—nourishing and sustaining them with its unique bioenergetic system. Every thought, emotion and physical state is a reflection of the chi/qi (life energy) within the body. When we are well, chi energies flow smoothly and are circulating freely. When we are sick or not feeling our best physically or emotionally, there is generally a blockage or imbalance of chi resulting in the disharmonious state.
Reiki is a holistic and noninvasive way to replenish, strengthen and harmonize the chakras, meridians and energy system within the body with chi. It promotes healing, peaceful relaxation and balance, while also boosting the immune system. It can be applied over broken bones, burns or an injury site without touch to assist with recovery. Some state that in many ways it is similar to acupuncture without needles. Advanced Reiki assists with the healing of specific organs, numerous health, emotional and inflammatory conditions. It is a gentle loving energy providing the recipient with a greater sense of inner peace, relaxation, grounding and well-being.
Reiki can successfully be combined with other therapies, as it activates the natural healing energy in us and is completely safe. It may be combined with Traditional Western Medical care, massage therapy, shiatsu, acupuncture, chiropractic care, foot reflexology, Aura Soma Color Therapy, Bach Flower Therapy, homeopathy, breath therapy, hypnosis, aromatherapy and many more healing arts.
Reiki is a peaceful, loving, effective, gentle and noninvasive holistic healthcare option to choose if one is considering an alternative approach to healing. An average Reiki session generally lasts an hour. The client rests comfortably upon a treatment table remaining fully clothed. Only shoes, jewelry and any metals are removed.

Physical, emotional, immune and karmic conditions are common focal points.

Christine Salomon, LMT, RMT is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in myofascial bodywork and a Reiki Master Instructor Practitioner for over 20 years. She is currently scheduling appointments in Tucson, offering customized Reiki sessions both in person and
remotely. Mention this article and receive a 50% savings on your first visit. Connect at 315-391-9181 or

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Christine Salomon LMT, RMT "Namaste" Lightwork - 5100 N La Canada, Tucson, AZ

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