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Spring Equinox: A Time of New Beginnings

Time to be honest with ourselves. Did those New Year’s Resolutions fizzle? Most people have given up by March. Worse, when we break our commitments to ourselves, it dis-empowers us, leads to negative thinking and makes it more difficult to renew our resolve to make positive changes in our lives. Don’t be disheartened—it’s never too late to make a new start.
Those resolutions may not be aligned with our true nature. The busyness of the holidays leaves us little time to reflect on our true desires, so we grab the same old resolutions, promising to “do better this year”. This “kick yourself in the butt” doesn’t work for most people, but we’ve been conditioned to think that’s what’s required. When we don’t “measure up”, it creates a downward spiral.
We need to take some quiet timeand reflect on what we truly want in our lives. What inspires us? What would bring us joy, peace, fulfillment? Without judgement.
January 1 may not be the best time for a new start. Actually, that’s a rather arbitrary time. Perhaps, we should work with the natural rhythms of the universe. Spring Equinox is the true time of New Beginnings, when new life springs forth. It is the beginning of the astrological year; the energies of this time shape the coming year. It’s the perfect time to re-connect with our original inspiration and motivation—the difference between floating downstream instead of fighting the current. Especially this year, the Year of the Water Tiger, is a perfect time to allow the universe to support us.
So, throw those resolutions out the window! Instead, we can create a vision of how we’d like our life to flow. How do we want to feel? What makes our hearts sing? See and feel that image spring forth into life, like a new flower.
One tiny action can shift our energy, propelling us in the direction of our true desires, our authentic selves—as long as it’s something we’d truly like to do. Let the imagination run wild. The freedom we’ll feel when judgements are released can accelerate our journey to a joyful, authentic life.

Trish Devitt is an Advanced Frequency Therapist and Transformational Coach. For information about her Spring Equinox New Beginnings workshop or to schedule a free introductory session, call 520-261-5194, email [email protected] or visit

Trish Devitt

Trish Devitt

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