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Quantum Healing Today

Feb 28, 2022 11:00AM ● By Erica Mills
Quantum Healing impacts all realms of the mind, body and soul. Without any surgery, the body can be healed with light frequency and quantum DNA repairs at the molecular level.
This type of alternative medicine is gentle, natural, seamless in its recovery period afterward and uses each person’s own individual energy field to heal the body. After repeated treatments, and with daily practice using affirmations and self-guided healing tools and techniques, the body actually reverse ages, as DNA is repaired and more light frequency is allowed back into the body.
The immediate impact of utilizing quantum energy healing is felt in the body for several days after treatment, where one may experience feeling centered, calm and compassionate toward oneself and others. One might also have a more profound experience, feeling tired for a few days or having strong dream state recall.
Everyone experiences energy differently in the body. The chakra system acts as the portals into the nervous system, and therefore the involuntary responses (yawning, falling asleep, getting very cold) are the ones first felt for people during a session.

Anna Wenzler is a quantum energy healer who combines ancient shamanic modalities and reiki healing. She specializes in working with light language and the merkaba. Connect at 313-303-0651, [email protected] or See ad, page 15.

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