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Energetic Nutrition

When we hear the word “nutrition”, we think of food, right? Maybe supplements, too? What about “feeding” oneself on an energetic, as opposed to physical, level?
With energy healing, the goal is to unblock the flow of energy and restore energetic balance to support physical, mental and emotional well-being. Many energy healing practices (such as reiki and Healing Touch) are based on ancient healing traditions from Asia and are now well-established throughout the world. These practices are often used for easing pain, reducing anxiety, combating side effects of cancer treatments and more.
 This is all beneficial, and taking advantage of energy healing and good nutrition practices will contribute tremendously to better health and well-being.
However, we consistently take in, process and assimilate through all of our senses, too. Whatever we’re seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, touching and sensing can either be detrimental or beneficial to us as well. This is what is meant by “energetic nutrition”.
How can we nurture ourselves, on our own, energetically? Well-known techniques include keeping a gratitude journal, meditation and practicing mindfulness. Here are some tools and techniques that may be new.

• Make a point of seeing something pleasing and/or beautiful many times every day. Often we suspend thinking and are completely present in the moment as we take in something we find visually lovely. In this moment, our heart rate slows, our nervous system relaxes and we release tension.

• Listen to pleasant music and sounds. Nature provides many sounds that soothe while also uplifting us. Pay attention to the effect of different types of music; some is disruptive and stimulating, while other music is calming, even inspiring.

• Engineer life to include time outdoors every day. Being outdoors, taking in nature and breathing fresh air are hugely beneficial for us. When outside, really be in it. This means taking in our surroundings by looking around, smelling the air, listening to whatever sounds are happening, feeling the breeze—or maybe even hugging a tree.

• Move as much as possible. Our physical bodies are designed for movement, not sitting. Not only does movement stimulate our digestion, lymph system and circulation, it lubricates our joints, strengthens muscles and other soft tissues and helps us stay flexible. Most importantly, moving can be a wonderful tool for elevating mood.

Danielle Dvorak is a medical intuitive, sound healer and more. Connect at 847-323-9188 or [email protected].

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