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Slow the Body’s Aging with NAD

Meet Nicotinamide-Adenine-Dinucleotide (NAD)—or Coenzyme-1. NAD is a derivative of Vitamin B3 and functions as a catalyzer or “helper” in every single cell of our bodies. NAD+ is necessary for our cells’ fundamental processes that make living possible, from metabolism to DNA health. Interestingly, NAD+ is in animals, bacteria and plants, as well.
NAD+ is considered support for the skin and brain. In resetting our internal time clocks, it repairs damaged DNA and strengthens our cells’ defense systems. When we consider aging from the inside out, it is now more important to add in NAD, as it is the shuttle bus needed for slowing the aging processes.
As a “helper” coenzyme, NAD works by transporting electrons from one place to another inside a cell. So, think of each NAD coenzyme as a tiny shuttle bus responsible for taking electrons to work inside the mitochondria (the part of the cell responsible for metabolizing nutrients). The more shuttle buses we have, the more electrons get delivered to the mitochondria. These electrons fuel chemical reactions that power the cell and keep our body healthy.
In order to pick up electrons and move them from place to place, NAD triggers other reactions which keep the cell buzzing with life. When there aren’t a lot of NAD shuttle buses, fewer nutrients get processed by the mitochondria, and fewer reactions happen within the cell. As a result, cells begin to age and die. The body follows suit.
NAD has two forms: NAD+ and NADH. This makes sense, because the NAD shuttle bus can exist in two different states: full of electron passengers and empty. To put it simply, NADH is the way that NAD is described when the shuttle bus is full of electron passengers. NAD+ describes the NAD shuttle bus when empty.
For someone who has a healthy lifestyle and takes all their essential vitamins and minerals, their body already has what it needs. They may simply need to add more empty NAD+ shuttle buses to trigger the reactions necessary to turn all those kale smoothies into vibrant health.

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Zachary M Saber DeeAnn G Saber and Emily Takeuchi Miller

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